Due to the progression and rapid updates of Coronavirus, and with the recommendations of the CDC, MnDOH and the Governor, and following suit with the local school districts, we have made the tough decision to temporarily discontinue all drivers ed classes and the scheduling of any behind-the-wheel lessons until at least April 1. We are sorry for the inconvenience and we hope to get back and running, if the health concerns and governmental limitations allow, we will plan to reschedule everyone that needs it, but please be prepared that this might cause delays in your drivers ed process. We will hope to help as best we can as we know students are all eager to complete their drivers ed process in a timely manner. Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions. -- Andrew Isahaq, Driving School Director


What happens if a Student has to miss one of the classes?

We always recommend that When a Student Register for class, they complete all the classes in a row to help retain the information and better prepare them to pass their test. However, in case a student has to miss a class, they can come back to a Future Round of classes and make up the class they missed. Students must complete the entire State required 30 hours of classroom before issued a Certificate of Completion to take their Permit Test

Do the Instructors pick-up and Drop-off Students from Home?

Our Lessons are deigned to make the most of our time for the Student's benefit, so we start and end all Behind-the-wheel lessons at our Maple Grove Area Offices, so the Student would need to be dropped off and picked up.

Does Passion Drive Offer Behind-The-Wheel Only Packages?

Yes. If someone has already passed their written test and received their Permit, they can register for Behind-the-Wheel only lessons. Our package is Three 2-hour Lessons, instructing Students on maneuvers, safety training, and preparing them to pass their Road Test. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to call.

How and when do I schedule my behind-the-wheel sessions?

We Strongly Recommend that Students spread out their Three Behind the Wheel lessons. After at least the first month of Driving with their Supervised Driver at Home working on the basics, then fill out the form on this website to schedule your First Behind the Wheel lesson. Please note, we are normally booked out about 3-4 weeks ahead (sometimes longer in the Summertime) for Behind the Wheel lessons, so plan accordingly. Then, after that first lesson, we recommend at least 1-2 months of more practice in between the other lessons.

What is the next step after completing my behind-the-wheel sessions?

Congratulations! Your Road Test is next! Upon completing your behind-the-wheel instruction, you will receive a permit card from us. You will make a Road Test appointment at the most convenient testing center and have a valid permit to give to the examiner. You must be at least 16 years old and have held your Permit for at least 6 months; your vehicle must be in safe working condition (see the driver’s manual for details). If you are under 18, a parent/guardian must sign the application giving you permission to drive.