BTW Only - Registration

BTW appointments can be booked during the following hours...

Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, time upon request and availability of Instructors.

Behind the Wheel Training can be purchased for $199 without the course. Students can be dropped off at the Passion Drive office, and sessions will be administered in the Passion Drive vehicle.

Fill out the following information to reserve your students BTW Training with Passion Church. You will be contacted by a Passion Drive agent to schedule your time.

BTW Registration ONLY

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We recommend at least one month of Driving with a Permit before scheduling the first Behind the Wheel Lesson. If there are any other notes to know about the student, please remark here.

Driving School Policies(*)
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Though it tries not to change/cancel scheduled appointments, there are times when it is necessary to do so therefore Passion Drive reserves the right to change/cancel driving appointments. It is the parents responsibility to contact the Passion Drive office to schedule BTW driving time. Persons not giving a 24 hour cancellation of a scheduled Passion Drive class or BTW drive time will be charged a $25 non-refundable fee. Parents that are more than 15 minutes late picking up their child from a BTW drive can be charged an additional $20 for every 15minute increment that they are late. Students are required to schedule some BTW time within the first 6 months of completing the Passion Drive Class. You must select your preferred class time at the time of registration. Each student can reschedule up to one time with no penalty. A second rescheduling or any cancellation will result in a $150 fee. You must notify Passion Drive of cancellation or rescheduling 72 hours in advance of schedule class time. The 30 hour class package at Passion Drive includes 30 hours of classroom time, 6 hours of behind the wheel training and Certificate of Completion (COC). The following items are what you need to know: Your child will complete 30 hours of classroom time and if he/she have passed all of the tests he/she will receive a Certificate of Completion which expires in 30 days. You will take the Certificate of Completion to the DMV along with your child's birth certificate, social security card and proof of residence. Your child will do an eye test and take a photo for a hard copy permit license. Do NOT sign the Certificate of Completion until you are at the DMV where someone can witness it. Once your child receives his/her permit license he/she can begin driving and logging the 60 hours required in a full calendar year before they can receive their driver's license. Ten of the hours must be night driving. After your child has been driving for at least four months you can then call Passion drive and schedule a two hour session of BTW (Behind the Wheel) training with one of our instructors. The second session can be scheduled in another four months with the final two hours session being scheduled just before they take their driver's test. You will receive a COC for the 6 hours of BTW training. The BTW driving will be done in the Passion Drive vehicle. We also offer the drivers test in your own personal vehicle and a written driver's test but this fee is not included in the package price. To obtain your driver's license you will need your social security card, BTW certificate of completion, and driver's test.

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