Schedule Your Behind the Wheel Lesson

BTW appointments can be booked Mondays through Saturdays, Morning through Evening, based on availability. We are usually booked out about 3-4 Weeks, so please plan accordingly

The Student Package includes 3 two hour sessions for a total of 6 BTW hours. Additional 2-hour sessions can be purchased for $100. Students can be dropped off and picked up at the Passion Drive office, and sessions will be administered in the Passion Drive vehicle.

Fill out the following information to reserve your students BTW Training with Passion Drive. You will be contacted by a Passion Drive agent to schedule your time within 3-7 Business Days.

BTW Registration

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*Reminder: We Only Schedule One Lesson at a time, and always recommend at Least 1 Month in between lessons In order to offer adequate Learning time in Between Lessons, to help better prepare Students to Pass their test.

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List 6-10 dates (and Times of day) that you would be available to schedule BTW Training. Dates will need to be officially confirmed via phone or emial with a Passion Drive agent before they are considered scheduled. Please keep in mind, the lesson calendar is usually full about 3-4 weeks ahead so plan accordingly.

Driving School Policies(*)
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Though we tries not to change/cancel scheduled appointments, there are times when it is necessary to do so therefore Passion Drive reserves the right to change/cancel driving appointments. If a Student or Parent needs to Cancel a Scheduled Lesson, They Must notify Passion Drive at Least 24 hours Before Scheduled Lesson. Persons not giving a 24 hour cancellation of a scheduled Passion Drive class or BTW drive time will be charged a $50 non-refundable cancellation fee. Parents that are more than 15 minutes late picking up their child from a BTW drive can be charged an additional $20 for every 15minute increment that they are late. These Hours of Behind the Wheel Lessons Are Not Able to be Counted Towards the Required 50 Hours of Parental Supervised Driving.